Friday, April 11, 2008


If you live in NYC, or are planning at trip out here in your lifetime- this Gelato place needs to be visited. Unbelievable.

Words cannot appropriately express how amazing this frozen dessert tastes. The only GROM gelato shop in North America is here in Manhattan on the Upper West Side (76th and Broadway).

All of the remaining shops are located throughout northern Italy. I have tried the stracciatella, hazelnut, and cioccolato extra-noir flavors, all of which are highly recommended.

There will be another shop opening on Bleeker Street this Spring in Manhattan. If any of you have tried GROM- let me know what your favorite flavor is, so I know what to get next! Thanks for the recommendation Lizzie and Ada!

The Boon give-away will continue until this Sunday at Midnight!


Leasha said...

I wholeheartedly agree! It was SO good - I could eat it everyday :)

julia said...

ooo. please mark that on the list of things we are doing with you someday when we come to visit.

mimi said...

ha! the bleecker shop is a block from my house! the apple flavor made my tastebuds go "huh? wait a minute... is it an apple? it tastes like an apple but it's not an apple..." very fresh, playful flavors.