Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cupcake Courier Winner

Congratulations to Marla S., winner (Comment #1) of the Cupcake Courier Give-away!
Marla, have fun baking up a storm and delivering your goodies unscathed.
Thank you Cupcake Courier!


Marla said...

This totally made my day! Now I need to do a post requesting cupcake recipes....Anyone?!!

Thanks Theresa and the Cupcake Courier!

Bippert Family said...

Google Martha Stewart Bug Cupcakes. She has the cutest ladybug and butterfly decorated cupcakes I've ever seen! They look so fun. Congrats on your win, Marla! Make us proud! ;)

Theresa said...

Those are so cute! I am thinking I would use a soft chocolate cookie instead of trying to surgically remove the cupcake top to make wings. The wheels are turning for another cupcake post.....:)

Zabel said...

I'm freakin' haPPY FOR YOU Marla, and envious too :) :(