Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Book Review: Where's the Dragon?

Where's the Dragon?
Jonas Hook
illustrated by Richard Hook

After years of telling George tales of dragons, his grandfather decides to take George on a dragon hunt (even though his grandfather hasn't actually seen a dragon himself). You can also go on a dragon hunt as you search for all 76 dragons hidden throughout the book. The illustrations are beautiful, but what really makes them stand out, is that they stand out! The embossed pages allow you to "feel" the dragons, and spot laminations add another dimension as well. What I really like about this book is that it doesn't entirely rely on clever illustrations. The book actually has an entertaining story to go along with the entertaining pictures.

Enrichment Idea: The end of the book gives you a clue as to how to find out how many dragons are hidden in the book (I've cheated and told you here). Identify the dragons you can readily see as you read through the first time, but then go back and try to find them all!

Buy it: This book is only available in hardcover. You can find it on for about $11.51 with free Super Saver Shipping. However, you can buy it in virtually new condition right now through the "used and new" link on for $5.72 (that includes shipping).


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