Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rent it: Children of Heaven

One of the things that I love about Netflix and other on-line movie rental companies, is that they provide you with access to a much broader movie spectrum than you would get at a local Blockbuster. My family has enjoyed taking a sampling of the foreign films that are available, especially this gem-of-a-movie Children of Heaven.
Rent it. Watch it with your children if they are 4 or older (it will probably not hold the attention of a child under the age of 4, but you can always try:). I watched Children of Heaven with my 4 and 6-year-old girls, and they were absolutely fascinated by this touching film.
Realize that if you rent this, the entire movie is spoken in Farsi- and you will have to read the subtitles throughout the whole movie to any non-reading children.
This was the first Iranian film to be nominated for an Academy Award. It lost the "Best Foreign Film" award to Life is Beautiful in 1998.
The acting, especially by the 2 children who star in this film- is absolutely superb. Overall, a beautifully simple depiction of family unity, love, sacrifice, creative problem solving, compassion, hard work, and selflessness.
But don't take my word for it....... here is what Roger Ebert said:

"very nearly a perfect film for children" [that] "lacks the cynicism and smart-mouthed attitudes of so much American entertainment for kids, and glows with kind of good-hearted purity."

My thoughts exactly.

You can also purchase Children of Heaven on Amazon.com for 11.99 (& free super saver shipping).


Holly said...

I love foreign films! They remind me that moving image really is an art form. After seeing Cameron Diaz in her underwear one too many times movies just lose their appeal. Have you seen "The Chorus"? It's French and fantastic! Also available on Netflix.

Lisa VT said...

Loved this film. Another fabulous Iranian film is called "The Color of Paradise." It is about a father that has a blind son and basically their relationship. Superb.

mimi said...

One of my favorite movies of all time.