Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Peanut Shell Winner

Congratulations to Brent and Ashley (comment#38) , winner of the Peanut Shell Give-Away! Email me at citruslist(at)gmail(dot)com with your contact information (sling style, size, address & phone) and we will pass it along to Peanut Shell. Have fun wearing your little one in style!:)

Here is one more point that Sherie wanted to add about the Peanut Shell sling:

"I have 2 Peanut Shells. One is reversible, the other is the regular stretch cotton print. I wore the reversible sling first and loved it!!! I based my review on the reversible, and probably should have mentioned that. As the weather started warming up, I changed to the regular, thinking it would be more breathable. However, I found it seemed to hold the baby looser than the other sling. I was so excited, I thought I was losing weight....Ha ha!!...I was wrong. After feeling like my little one was drooping very low in the sling at the library, I went home and put her in the reversible to see if I was getting skinnier or crazier. It turns out neither! I believe the "stretch cotton print" (non-reversible) runs large. Keep that in mind when you order. I think we can all agree that having baby hugging tighter is better than feeling like she will arch her back and fall out. On the other hand, the reversible slings are accurate in their sizing. So, for those of you who are normally a shirt size small, you'd better just stick with the reversibles. The size small in the regular sling was too big for me, and they don't carry size XS."

Thanks for the extra info Sherie, and thank you Peanut Shell!

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