Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy's School Supplies


So I'm officially old. I don't feel older on my own birthdays, rather I feel the aging every time one of my kids blows out their candles, and every time they reach a new milestone. I'm developing a new wrinkle this week in preparation for my first day of school. That is, my first child's first day.
Although the preparation for it has been fun, I think I may be the only one crying on the first day (my little one would drive herself to school if she could). Anyway, to make the blow a little easier on myself, I've found what I can only call my "Mommy School Supplies." These would be things you won't find on the list from the school, but Mom feels so good to have! Enjoy back to school--for all of us!

Citrus Picks "Mommy School Supplies"
1. Boden Clothing
2. Munchler lunch bags
6. Cheryl & Co. 3 words for you: best. cookies. ever. Why make an after-school snack yourself when these taste soo-o good?


Theresa said...

I love Cheryl&Co.cookies!! YUM!

Ana said...

Carter loved the cookies you sent for him for his birthday/baptism. I have to admit I ate a lemon one and wanted to eat all of them!!