Thursday, September 18, 2008

Redfish Kids

I attended ENK clothing trade show here in NYC last month. The show was mammoth, with more kids clothes than I could really handle in one day- and I love kids clothing, so that is saying a lot. One brand that still sticks out to me from the many booths I passed that day is Redfish Kids. Love it. I am especially a fan of the girls clothing line.
Redfish dresses manage to be very feminine without being too frilly. I love the Asian touches that most of the pieces have. My children are 1/4 Chinese, so this brand is a hit in our house- dresses about as Asian as my girls are.

I love the fun fabric combinations. My girls are a fan of the pockets that most Redfish dresses have, and the fabric cut which allows for a lot of movement. The quality of the construction is awesome, and the prices are reasonable ($35-65) -especially considering that all of the clothing is sweatshop-free. Of the boys collection I am a big fan of the fisherman pants pictured below. My 2-year-old son should be able to do his kung-fu moves without restraint in these. If you are still on the hunt for some cute back-to-school duds, definitely check out Redfish Kids. You will find something fun, unique, well-made and fashionable for your little one.


Justina Selim said...

These are really cute! i love the second dress!

ZAC said...

Theresa, what is it like attending these shows...I wonder. You'll have to tell me in person because we're coming to New York the week-end of October 9 for Jermaine's West Point reunion and I hope we can see you guys. We haven't solidified our agenda...but we will be hitting NYC---or I'll die. :) I'll keep you posted!