Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Costume??

Do you have it yet?!? Halloween is less than two short weeks away (my children remind me of this daily). There is good news for any of you who are procrastinators this year... plenty of costume sales can be found - and there is enough time for you to receive your loot in the mail before the big night if you act quick....

First stop, Babystyle. Hands down, Babystyle has some of the cutest costumes out there. I am a big fan of the Peacock, and the Chick (any baby/toddler would love adorable in this). You can use coupon code BOO20 to get 20% off and free shipping. Some steals on the website include the TrickorTreatosaurus Rex at $14.99 (pictured above) the Turtle at $19.99 and the Panda at $9.99.

Pottery Barn Kids has all of their children costumes 50% off. Mind you, that is 50% off of $90 for most of them, so they are still not cheap, even with the free shipping offer. If your little one has been asking to be a hot dog all year long, and your sewing machine skills are non-existent, this may be a really good option for you.

Babycenter has a whole bunch of costumes on sale for under $15.00, including this cute little monkey. There are a couple of kids in my house who would definitely fit this costume in more ways than one. I love the tail on this! A few of the costumes are as cheap as $9.99 now, so definitely check Babycenter out.

If you want to go even cheaper, there are still options. Old Navy has a bunch of costumes for less than $8. I am a fan of the mouse and the bat.

If you are looking for something specific you are probably going to spend more. At you can find just about any costume under the sun for your little one. My daughter informed me that she wanted to be an astronaut earlier on this year. She ended up getting her Halloween costume for her birthday and was absolutely delighted. I ended up purchasing the costume along with the helmet (which is more than we typically spend on costumes but I knew her younger brother would be looking for a nice Halloween costume in a few years, and it did double as a birthday present, so it worked). If any of you have astronauts on your hands, this is an awesome costume. It is the highest quality costume we have ever owned. Authentic looking too. My guess is that she could traipse on into NASA headquarters with no questions asked.

A bit of Halloween advice: try to pinpoint what your kids will be next year, and shop the after-Halloween sales which will be here in November. I usually give each of my kids a dress-up costume for Christmas (which nicely doubles as a Halloween costume later on in the year). Last year, I bought this Doctor costume for $20 (price included the last-name embroidery personalization) in an after-Halloween sale. It is another fabulous costume which is used at least weekly in our house for dress-up play, and it will be worn by my oldest daughter this year for Halloween.

Any of you have any Halloween costume advice?? Leave a comment and let us know what it is!!
What I would really like is some advice on how to get my 2-year-old son to not be afraid of his dinosaur costume (which I got at Costco for $9 BTW). Any suggestions?? :)


Dinah said...

Great ideas! We have been struggling a bit in the idea area. I love that you give a dress up for Christmas. I am definitely going to add that to our traditions. Thanks!

Celina said...

Halloween is only a few weeks away and some parents may have already started shopping for their kids. Well, these Halloween costume are super cute.

mimi said...

as having received several treatments from a kid-doctor in said doctor costume, i can attest that the costume was convincing enough to persuade me to undergo apencicitis surgery in theresa's living room, where the tools were a plastic knife and a napkin.