Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Book Recommendation: The Hallo-wiener

by Dav Pilkey

Perhaps better known as the author and illustrator of the "Captain Underpants" Series, Dav Pilkey uses the same cartoony style in a book about a weiner dog named Oscar (hmmm, how'd he get that name?).  If you haven't figured out the connection, you can find "Meyer" on his family's mailbox.  The story follows Oscar the wiener dog through teasing from other dogs because of his differences.  The sad thing is that Oscar tries his best to be friends with those same dogs who bully him.  As is always the case, mother is loving and supportive, but this Halloween, Oscar's mom makes Oscar a Halloween costume that he is sure will only make the harassment even worse.  It is a bun, complete with mustard.  He's a real wiener for Halloween. Despite the torture he knows will come, Oscar loves his mom and wears it.  Of course he is teased, but in the end it's his differences, and his costume, that save the day and create new friendships.  It turns out to be a happy Halloween after all.

Another Halloween book about friendship
And another one about a bully:
Who knew you could talk about friendship and bullying with Halloween books?

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