Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seven Smooches

Fall is in the air. Time for soup, sweaters and smooches. Or Seven Smooches as the case may be.

Seven Smooches is a company who makes these darling sweaters that are fashionable, cozy, and environmentally friendly. Seven Smooches was started by two chic and environmentally savvy women. These ladies had the idea to use bags of forgotten sweaters and turn them into gorgeous cardigans, hats, mittens, slippers and more.

Each one of their creations is individually designed and handmade, making every piece unique and precious. We fell in love with the kimono at our house. The attention is definitely in the details with this company. As seen on the stitching of the hem, and the elbows on my daughter's kimono below. Great care has gone into every component. Right down to the buttons.

You can view the entire Fall and Winter collection by clicking here. They have Spring and Summer selections that are also note worthy. Happy Smooching!

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