Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Book Recommendation: Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

Welcome October!!  Prepare yourself for 5 Fridays of monsters, mummies and more creatures of Halloween lore!
I'll admit I'm a bit of a forced expert on Halloween books. Our local library has lovingly divided the holiday books into sections, so we can read Halloween books all year round if we wish...and (unfortunately) we do. Our little buddy has a fearful fascination with all things Halloween, so I can confidently say we have read every Halloween book offered at our library. So I have a lot to share. Not all are specifically Halloween, but all are guaranteed "spooky."

by Keith Graves

Frank was a monster who wanted to dance, so what did he do? Put ants in his pants, of course! He then takes off to show off his moves.

I have learned that pretty much all Halloween books rhyme. Why? I think it makes the subject matter less scary. If there's any way to talk about skeletons, mummies and vampires in a non-threatening way, rhyme would be the way to do it. I don't think my son would enjoy the books nearly as much if the rhyme didn't help make being "spooked" a fun thing.
Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance is a completely silly book. And, just so you know, the illustrations are pretty...lively. His brain plops onto the floor, his eyeball falls out, and he pretty much comes to pieces when he dances. But, it wouldn't be Halloween without a little gore! The pictures are not scary, and my kids (ages 3 and 5) think it's completely hilarious.

Share your favorite Halloween, monster, alien or other spooky books with me! We need the variety!

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Lise said...

I was so sad my library didn't have it. I guess I'll have to request they buy it. Thanks for the recommendations. I love getting them every Friday.

Sherie said...

Sometimes libraries are part of an inter-library loan program. My library didn't have this book either, but I could quickly request it from another library via my computer, and it was waiting for me at my library the next time we stopped in! Definitely ask your librarian!!

Solomon Family said...

I just love this blog!!! thanks Theresa! what a great idea to have your friends input too. Thank you all. I will look up some of our favourite books we have had lately and send them to you.

We have discovered George & Martha books. about 2 hippos who are friends. The stories are short, and very humorous, I think I end up laughing a lot more than my 4yr old daughter. - Tish

Anonymous said...

This book is awesome. I think I read it more on my own than with my boys. I thought it was funny.