Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Favors

I found a version of this cute little turkey over at Make and Takes.  (Take a look, there are tons of easy crafts for you and your kids.)  Since our Thanksgiving table will be full of children, I thought this would be a festive way to decorate, but this turkey would also be great to give to teachers, classmates and friends for the holidays.  They only take a few minutes and a few pennies to make.

Here's what you need:
autumn colored tulle cut into 9x13 rectangles
brown pipe cleaners cut in half
red pipe cleaners cut into little snippets

Wrap the candy in the tulle.  Twist the brown pipe cleaner to secure.  Bring the pipe cleaner towards the bottom of the candy "bag" so the "bag" rests on top of the pipe cleaner.  Shape the pipe cleaner to resemble a turkey head and beak.  Twist a little snippet of red pipe cleaner around the head to create the wattle.  

Easy, right?  Your kids will love it.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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