Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carry You Stroller Accessories

When I used my Phil and Teds Sport stroller for the first time I was quite disconcerted as to where to put my stuff. I am not a diaper bag person- that's what a stroller is for right? So, I am used to my Maclaren with its two handy pockets on the back. Like Mary Poppins' Bag I would stuff my wallet, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, pacifier, ziplock bags with snacks, gloves- you get the picture.

But the Phil and Teds has NO pockets. I had things hanging out of my coat pockets and balanced on top of the canopy (which doesn't work well when you are using the stroller as a jogging stroller). I came home and immediately started Googling "stroller organizer" and voila Carry You stroller accessories!

They make consoles for mom's stuff, snack trays for kid's stuff, cup holders and a handy pannier bag that attaches to the side of the stroller. If your basket is already crammed in the back and you can't attach stuff to the front, it only makes sense to use that space on the side, right?

I love that Carry You's products are simple and classic black. I am a strong believe that, not all child things have to come in garish patterns or bright colors. The fabric is tough with stretch elastics in all the right places (like the pockets that are meant to be cup holders). My Torino organizer was super easy to attach. Simply Velcro the straps around the handle bar of the stroller. And, after months of use, it has held up perfectly to a daily beating with Jack tugging on it to get out his sippy cup and me digging for the keys.

And even with plentiful pockets my Maclaren still doesn't have anywhere to put a cup. When I switch back to use my Maclaren I missed the Torino's cup holder (attached to the Phil and Teds). Now, on the Maclaren I use this, the Sorrento Multiuse Caddy:

The Sorrento works well for mom and child. Although, Jack is not skilled enough to get his cup back into this cup holder- it could be that he is too young- or it could also be that he watches too much TV.

For you double stroller moms they offer the Sicily organizer. Having a bigger stroller pays off with a bigger, roomier organizer!

My only complaint is that the newest Phil and Teds model has a higher canopy with a metal rod through it so the cup holder is not as easy to access as the above picture shows. The Torino still works great, I just have to push the canopy forward while I put my cup in the holder and ten the canopy presses back a bit on the cup. I guess I don't have to worry about the bottle of water bouncing out when I go on my serious, off-road, running excursions :)

You can shop by stroller brand to see which products work well on your stroller. The Carry You accessories are a great deal- especially when you factor in the convenience of not juggling all the little things you have to carry with you and when you compare the quality with other brands. On Amazon you can get the Torino for $19.95, the Sicily for $19.95 or the Siena for $24.95 all with Free Shipping!

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