Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nie Nie is Back

If you have been following the tragic story of Nie Nie (Stephanie Nielson) and her husband, you may be interested to know that she is back to blogging. I had been the occasional reader of Nie Nie ever since she was featured on Design Mom, and I loved reading her posts whenever I have had the time.

Ever since her accident, however, I have been hooked. I have checked her blog almost daily as her family re-posted from her archives in her abscence. I have also stayed updated on her medical condition through her sister's blog.

I am excited for her return. She has a way of displaying the beauty of things that may seem mundane to some. I love her view on motherhood. I love her zest for life. I can only imagine how these last few months have been for her, as she has endured countless reconstructive surgeries. I pray that her recovery continues to go well, and look forward to reading all about it.

photo via nie nie dialogues

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mimi said...

WONDERFUL! What a miracle!