Friday, February 6, 2009

Read It: I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

by Kevin Sherry

Ha ha ha!  I have to admit that many of my book recommendations are funny books.  Some days you need a reminder to laugh, and a book is a great way to snap you back to where you want to be.  Although I try to make all my book recommendations a good read for any age, this book would be absolutely PERFECT for preschoolers or early readers.  The story is simple, the pictures are simple, and it has an unexpected ending that will make your little one roll with giggles (because you will be, too!).

The story follows a giant squid who swims around finding things he's bigger than.  He sees that he's bigger than shrimps, a crab, a shark, and others.  Continue the fun when the book is over by helping your preschooler find things he's bigger than.  A great book to introduce the concept of "bigger" (and "smaller").

Buy the book, and I'm pretty sure all editions come with bath clings at the end.  Have the little one retell the story in the bathtub!

Giant squid are actually incredibly interesting.  Did you know we have only had photos of a living giant squid since 2004?!!  Do your kids want to learn more about giant squid?  A great way to remind your kids the Internet isn't the end-all, tell-all for information: pull out a book!  "Outside and Inside Giant Squid" is a great non-fiction (only 35 page) book with color photographs.

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Audra said...

Thanks for the book review- It looks way cute and we are just starting to learn bigger and smaller at our house so this is perfect!

Theresa said...

We just got this one at the library this past week. My kids think it is hilarious. It teaches a pretty amusing lesson about being a little too boastful :).
I am excited to get the giant squid book!