Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Valentine Medley

With Valentine's this week, I have pink, red, hearts and love on the brain.  Here are three things we are doing in our house.

1) Valentines for classmates = Heart Flower Lollipops

You will need Valentine paper of your choice (something sturdy like card stock is preferable), scissors, glue, a hole punch and of course lollipops.
Cut out hearts (the size will depend on the size of your lollipop...eyeball it).  Using 4 hearts at a time punch a hole through all of them at the bottom of the heart.
Line up the hole and hearts to make a flower.  Glue the layers together.  Write "to" and "from".
Insert lollipop and you have a Heart Flower Lollipop Valentine for your classmates.

2) This little number is for my hubby.  He loves herbal tea.  I like the idea that each time he takes out a tea bag he finds another love note from me...the gift that keeps on loving.  I was thinking you can do this to anything your hubby uses over time, maybe even notes in different pant pockets.  Just an idea.

3) Now lets not forget the old time classics.  Roses from chocolate kisses for the teachers.  You will need red cellophane, thick wire, green paper hearts (for the leaves), floral tape and chocolate kisses.

Put bottoms of kisses together.  Wrap with cellophane.  Hold firmly with wire and tightly wrap with floral tape around the kisses and wire adding in leaves down the stem.

A bunch of these cute things, a ribbon and a simple tag made by my daughter will be the perfect gift for her teachers.

Please share any fun ideas you have going this Valentine's week.  
Happy L O V E Day!

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Theresa said...

These are so cute! My girls would love to make the hershey kiss roses!