Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools!

Looking for some sneaky tricks to pull on your loved ones this year? I have never been a huge fan of April Fools day, but my children sure are. They are loving the idea of a holiday that celebrates silly practical jokes.

Looking for some good April Fools fun? Every year, Family Fun manages to deliver some pretty cute ideas.

This year we will be dining on "cupcakes" for dinner. Of course these are not real cupcakes.

I am sure my kids will enjoy constructing a April Fools Day card that doesn't open (ha, ha!) for their dad. A template is found here, but I think you could just as easily have your kids make their own card out of cardstock, and glue it closed.

I can see the Suprise Balloon Swarm being a hit in our house.

Any silly tricks you will be playing on your family/friends this April Fools Day? Do share!

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