Thursday, March 26, 2009

Double Your Pleasure

Never clipped coupons before? This might be the time to start.
Saving 50 cents on a bottle of shampoo doesn't make too many people get too excited, but how about only paying 50 cents for that same bottle? I think I've got your attention now.
Not all, but some large food stores will have certain days or promotional periods when they will double your coupons. So if your favorite shampoo is on sale for $1.50. Use that 50 cent coupon and it's doubled to $1, leaving you to pay only 50 cents for a bottle that usually sells for $3. Check out this site to see if there is a store in your area that participates. Keep in mind that policies do change, but right now it's probably in your favor. More stores are participating in this type of program due to the need to attract customers...even the "Coupon Clippers."
Don't have a double-coupon store in your area? K-Mart occassionally will double your coupons. The last one was in January, so keep your eye on their ad for the next one.

The usual limitations on doubling your coupons:
Timing: Could just be one day a week or even once a month.
Amount: Will only double a certain number of coupons, and not coupons that say "Do not double."
Value: Usually only honors coupons with a value up to $1 (so you get a maximum of $2 off after it's doubled).
With Purchase: You are required to spend a certain dollar amount to be eligible (for us we have to buy $25 in groceries)

Maximize your buying power by using double coupons for items that are already on sale. You will get great savings on it, plus you can plan out and set aside coupons you will use ahead of time so your kids don't go insane while you're trying to find coupons in the middle of the aisle.

Have fun saving money! Cheap shampoo never worked so well!

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