Friday, March 27, 2009

Read It: Parts

by Tedd Arnold

Soliloquy... oxymoron... onomatopoeia...          Jibberish?  Or do they linger somewhere with your vague memories of sort-of paying attention in English class?  Plain old memorization of terms doesn't work with me, but show me a cute book like this and I've firmly planted the definition of "idiom" in my brain (and no, I didn't mean "idiot," thank you very much.)
So what's an "idiom"?  The boy in this book doesn't know an idiom is an expression that doesn't literally mean what the words say.  See how disturbed he becomes as he thinks about his coach "jumping out of his skin," his friend's baby sister "screaming her lungs out" and what his grandma wants him to do when she tells him, "hold your tongue."  (All idioms...see, you're getting it already!)  Don't worry, this isn't a grammar book.  You won't find the word "idiom" anywhere on it.  It's just a fun book that's apparently good enough to have a sequel...  

and another....

Great book for any age--even if your child doesn't understand the common phrases in the book, he will spend countless hours loving the pictures.

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amylouwho said...

Oh I love this book! It is hilarious!