Friday, April 3, 2009

Read It: Once There Was a Bull...(frog)

by Rick Walton
illustrated by Greg Hally

I'm on a roll... last week it was a book with idioms, this week it's compound words (if only Mrs. Allred could see me now.)!  A compound word is really just two words joined together- -like "bullfrog."

The bullfrog in this wild west story has lost his hop.  He looks under a dog...(turn the page), but his hop isn't there.  

He takes another approach and lands in a field of straw...(turn the page)...berries.  Still no hop.

On bullfrog's quest to find his hop, we find that just one word in a sentence can change a sentence-and a story-completely.

Just like last week, this is probably best for school-aged kids, but my pre-k little guy still enjoys the pictures and likes to yell out the word on the next page (so proud he can "read") "BERRIES!!"

Do a little more with the book:  I think this is such a great book to lead your kids into making their own books with compound words. Depending on their age/ability, they could use the same story of the bullfrog looking for his hop, or they could make up their own story completely.  Great idea for homeschool or afterschool kids alike!

And a little shout-out (a compound word!) to Utah...both author and illustrator are from the Beehive State.

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Theresa said...

This looks so cute. I am excited to try out the idioms book too! Owen is fanatical about frogs, so this should be a hit.