Friday, April 17, 2009

Read It: Tops and Bottoms

by Janet Stevens
 A Caldecott Honor Book

Whatever happened to that Hare after he lost the race to Tortoise?  He hasn't exactly changed his ways.

When Mr. and Mrs. Hare ran out of food for their big bunny family, they hatched a plan to change their lot.  The next morning the Hares proposed becoming business partners with the lazy (but wealthy) bear.  Hare and his family would do all the work farming on Bear's land.  At harvest, Bear and Hare would split the produce "right down the middle."  All bear had to do was choose if he wanted  Tops or Bottoms.  You can probably guess what this clever Hare did...he taught Bear that laziness doesn't pay.

It's Spring!  Are you planting a garden?  Some plants grow the part we eat underground while others grow those parts above the ground.  Talk about that before starting the book so you don't have to stop in the middle to explain. 

A very good book for teaching values:  After the book my kids and I had a discussion about whether or not what Hare did was honest or not.  It was a good intro into talking about how half-truths are still lies.  We also talked about what Hare could have done instead to deal honestly with Bear.  Our children certainly need to learn that just because someone has more money, that doesn't mean you can deal dishonestly with them.  Honesty doesn't depend on the circumstance.  I personally would not read this book without the plan for a follow-up discussion.   

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Solomon Family said...

I love this book! so funny:-)

Likes Chocolate said...

Our family loves this book!