Friday, May 29, 2009

Read It: Miss Nelson is Missing (and Cookie Bouquets)

by James Marshall

Seriously, is there anyone who hasn't read this book yet?  
Remember your teacher as the end of year approaches.  He or she is such a big part of your child's formative years.  Thank your teacher.

We've been getting together everything for the end of the year, making things for the end of year gift for my kindergartener's teacher.  We're doing things a little different this year because of what happened this winter.  The day before Christmas break it snowed over a foot.  School was cancelled, so of course the class Christmas party was cancelled, and our gift to the teacher went undelivered and moldy (I'm lying.  It never got moldy because I ate it the same day I found out there was no school.  I needed it.).  The teacher really gets a hefty load of gifts at Christmas, and school being out meant she really missed out (on the appreciation and the tasty treats).  So we really put some extra effort into this end of year gift to make up for it.

This isn't exactly what we did, but it's the closest picture I could find.  Our flowers weren't frosted quite as ornately.  I know she likes scrapbooking, so I tucked in a gift card to JoAnn's.  
To let my sneaky side show through, part of the reason why I liked this gift so much is because it was actually our church's young women's camp fundraiser.  Dads could buy the "flour bouquet" for Mother's Day, or moms could buy it as an end of year teacher gift.  We also sold individual cookies on a stick.  All thanks to Holly's sister, Kristin, who got the good idea together with a useful purpose.   

It was a very successful fundraiser, especially because we would have otherwise been selling hotdogs in front of Sam's Club with the Boy Scouts.

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Marissa said...

What a great idea for a fundraiser! And I haven't read that book..yet!

Holly said...

I loved the Miss Nelson books as a child! I may re-think being a teacher for a "flour bouquet" that looks like that too!

Dinah said...

We just read that tonight! Great book! Maybe I should play a "miss nelson" trick on my kids.

Brooke said...

How do you make a flour bouquet? I still have a couple of weeks left, and it is such a cute idea.