Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Draw Write Now

My kids are right at the age where they love to draw, but are starting to realize that their skills are still pretty primitive. Lately, I have been getting a lot of requests to "show me how to draw a _____." Fill in that blank with any member of the animal kingdom, and it has probably been requested in our house.

I am definitely no Van Gogh, so I quickly realized I needed back-up. I found the program Draw Write Now on Amazon, and it had good reviews, so I thought we would try it out.
I like that each art lesson also has a handwriting exercise. We homeschool, and my little ones typically aren't brewing with excitement over handwriting practice (who is?) but they don't mind a bit when it ties in with their art practice.
My 7-year-old loves these books. Last Saturday she disappeared for an hour and reappeared with a book of farm animals she had created. I am loving that she is growing more confident in her drawing skills, and that she is no longer turning to me as the art authority :).

There are many books available from Draw Write Now. You can purchase them separately from Amazon, or you can purchase them as a set.
You can also purchase them directly from the Draw Write Now website.
These lessons are intended for children 5-10.

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