Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You do know what it's like......

I laughed so hard at this ad because it reminded me of last summer when the Fresh Direct (Grocery Delivery) guy showed up at my door, and I had 25 barrettes in my hair, courtesy of my (then) 3-year-old hairdresser. And that was after I had madly scrambled to pull 15 out before opening the door. Thanks for the clip Julie.

Speaking of "surprises," I hope you all have an exciting April Fool's Day. My creativity was lacking this morning, so I ended up dying my children's milk (on their cereal) blue for breakfast. They loved it (and actually ate more cereal than normal:) but I am looking for a good tradition to start in years to come. Any ideas?

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Ransoms said...

I too had hoped to "fool" someone in a big way on April 1, but the best I came up with was putting salt in my husband's water for dinner. My kids did a good job "acting casual" as we termed it, and Tom was very unpleasantly surprised when he had his first sip. Tyler and Tessa died laughing at that one.