Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Legs

These little leg warmers by Babylegs are a great alternative to pants or tights for babies, and are a stylish/functional wardrobe addition for older children. I always disliked putting tights on my girls when they were babies because they only complicated the diaper changing process. Babylegs give you free access to your baby's diaper- simplifying changing time.

Here are a few of the styles I really like. I am a big fan of the stripes.

Babylegs are very versatile. As you can see from the picture above, (this is my 19-month-old, playing in the dirt, as usual:) your child can wear Babylegs on their arms as well. This is my favorite way for my son to wear them. These are perfect for spring days when the morning is chilly, but by afternoon you are ready for short sleeves. It is a lot easier for me to pull these off his arms, than it is for me remove a jacket or sweater. This is ESPECIALLY handy when he is strapped in the stroller mid-errand. I don't have to undo his stroller straps (and get him all excited- thinking that he is being released from stroller bondage) to take off a layer of clothes, like I would if he were wearing a jacket or sweater.

Other uses: leg warmers for little dancers (these fit my4 and 6-year-old well as leg warmers), liners to go under soccer shin guards, and an extra layer on super cold days in the winter- my daughters have worn these as an extra layer over tights.

Overall, a styish/functional addition to baby's wardrobe that won't break the bank. Babylegs start at $8 and go up to $28 (organic wool) a pair. They are available at the Babylegs website, and a variety of styles are also available on Amazon with Free Super Saver Shipping.

Since this review posted, Sherie has had an opportunity to try Babylegs out as well. Here are her thoughts on Babylegs:

"I don't like carrying around a diaperbag, so I LOVE items that save space, allowing me to carry baby necessities in my purse. Warmer weather is now here, so the shorts are out! With a 7-month-old that likes being down on the ground on her own, it has been convenient for me to whip out the BabyLegs when we're at the park, so her bare legs don't touch the grass (which she hates). She can now happily crawl around outside, without me carrying around a complete outfit change."

Who wants to win a pair of Babylegs? We have a pair of Babylegs to give away to 2 lucky readers of Citrus! Email us at before midnight on April 29. Include BABYLEGS in the subject line, and within the email let me know what style of baby legs you would like to win.

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