Thursday, April 3, 2008

Google Reader

As my list of friends that have entered the world of Blogging has grown, so has my love for Google Reader. If you are not already using this feature of your Google account, you need to! Essentially, you upload the URL's of all of your favorite blogs, and Google Reader will let you know when they have been updated with a post. This way you are only checking blogs that have been updated- saving precious time.

It took me about 30 minutes to get it set up, but it was time well spent. To access Google Reader, sign into your Google account and look under the heading "My Products" and you will find "Reader" there. If you have a Gmail account, you can also access "Reader" from toolbar at the top of your Gmail account page. Happy reading!
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Jeff Hansen said...

If you use a Mac like me then you might consider NewsFire. It is a great rss reader and was recently made available for free :)

Theresa said...

Thanks for the tip Jeff, now I know what to use when we finally spring for that Mac!

Taylor and Justina Selim said...

I love google reader! I hate checking blogs that haven't been updated, I would waste so much time, haha!

Lynell said...

Oh my gosh! I love you. Ü I can't tell you how happy I am to have this info. It is going to save me soooo much time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!