Friday, April 4, 2008

Eleven Shoes

Many of you are probably familiar with the popular See Kai Run line of shoes. See Kai Run shoes are made for infants and toddlers sizes 3-9. They are adorable and well constructed- I am a big fan of their collection. This Spring, a sister company to See Kai Run was launched that focuses on shoes for older children sizes 9-1. Eleven is essentially a continuation of the quality and style of See Kai Run, for your older child.
Every Eleven shoe has its upper and interior lining constructed from premium leather, which keeps the shoe breathable and comfortable for your little one. I really like that the rubber sole of the shoe extends higher in the front and in the back of the shoe than most, preventing against scratched up heels and toes. Also, the insoles of all of the Eleven shoes are padded, for a more comfortable walking experience.
My oldest daughter has the Orange Pixie Mary Janes. She loves them, and so do I. I am also a big fan of the "Anya" and the "Eleven Trainer." Most of the Eleven Collection retails for around 52$, which is pricey for children's shoes, but for as much walking as I expect my children do here in NYC, we definitely do not shop at Payless for footwear anymore. Plus, these shoes will undoubtedly survive long enough to make a great hand-me-down to an eager younger sister (yes she actually gets excited about wearing her older sister's clothes/shoes, I hope it lasts!). For those of you who live in NYC, you can find the Eleven Collection at NYCK, and Flying Squirrel. Or you can purchase Eleven's online at tinysoles or blueeyeboy.

If any of you have not entered the sippigrip contest, there still is time! Read this.


Ransoms said...

These shoes are too cool. Aren't you giving away a free sample pair, like so many other products you advocate?:) Oh well...

Theresa said...

I know, that would be an awesome give-away! Let me see what I can do....:)