Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Book Review: Enemy Pie

I really meant to post this one in honor of Father's Day, but...I didn't. A book for those times to appreciate dad's wisdom any day of the year!!

by Derek Munson
illustrated by Tara Calahan King

It should have been the perfect summer for this little boy, but it wasn't because Jeremy Ross moved in next door to the boy's best friend, Stanley. Jeremy Ross laughed at the boy when Jeremy struck him out in baseball. Jeremy Ross had a party on his trampoline and didn't invite the boy. Jeremy Ross was the first person, the only person on the boy's enemy list. (The boy doesn't have a name, because I guess it's supposed to make him more relatable to the reader.)

The boy tells his dad about his problem with Jeremy Ross. His dad, wisely seeing this was not a bully issue, pulled out the recipe for Enemy Pie. The boy was informed that the only way Enemy Pie could work was if the boy spent one whole day with his enemy, Jeremy Ross.

The boy imagines all the horrible things that would happen to whoever ate Enemy Pie, and what kind of disgusting things were inside. Although he really doesn't want to spend the day with his enemy, he ultimately rings Jeremy Ross' doorbell and asks him to play. After spending a day of throwing waterballoons, playing sports, and having a great day together, the boy realizes he doesn't want Jeremy Ross to eat Enemy Pie! Dessert is served, and the boy needs to act quickly to save his new friend!

The author, Derek Munson, is a great storyteller. I have yet to find a text I have been more impressed with. This is a great book for teaching kids that an enemy might just be a friend you haven't gotten to know yet. My daughter is barely 5, so I had to tell her what an enemy was before we began (ah, innocence!).

Easy Enrichment: Do a "picture walk" through the story, not reading the words, but just looking at the pictures (but not the last few pictures!). As you go, have your child predict what is happening in the story, and what they think will happen next. Teach and use the word "predict" since it will definitely come up at school. Remember, any guess is a good guess!

Afterward, make a mud pie. Seriously... with mud, sticks, rocks, worms...the works!

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Hiatt Family said...

SUCH a fun book! I've used this as school a lot.